Your culture your priority

Ghana Union Desseldorf is a union formed to help promote the Ghanaian culutur in Germany to help improved and maintain cordial relations between Ghanaians and Germans. The union also help inform/educate Ghanaian residents in Germany with respect to the social political structure of the German community. We inform our members about the latest developments back home in Ghana and also help our members in cases relating to their social lives in Germany, where neccessary and possible.

Founders of this Union Association

Mr. Earnest Ampadu, Mr. Paul Yaw Anane, Mr. George Kwabena Adjei, Mr. Francis Som, Grevelding Hans Gerd, Mr. Kwame Nkansah Brempong, Mr. Baafi, Mr. Wisdom Kumi, Late Dan Baafi, Late Johnny Fix Owusu.


The Union consists of ordinal members, extraordinary members and sponsors. Ordinal members may be natuaral or legal persons, interested in the arms and objectives of the Union irrespective of tribe, religion or nationality. Extraordinary members may be business institutions, representatives of other Unions and associations, interested in the arms and objectives of the Union. People who emerges to be helpers and supporters could be chosen by the house to be sponsoring members of the Union.

Why is culture important

Culture is a reflection of a community or nation. This makes culture a vital and important determining factor of how the community reacts, responds, and grows. Culture plays a major role in the lives of everyone in the society. Culture gives you a sense of belonging, especially when everyone speaks the same language. Language evolves with the culture as an intimate product of the way those within the society communicate.

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Our happy members

Our members are happy because Ghana Union Dusseldorf is an independent and non-profitmaking organization. The funds of the Union is used only for purposes within the arms and objectives of the Union. No member recieves any payments from the union's coffers except in cases where the executive decides in favour. The executives do not make any expenditure outside the framework of the Unions targets nor profit directly from the Union and this has been one thing that boost our members trust and confidence.

We have been the best over 12 years now

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Ghana @ 60 Independence annivesary celebration organized by Ghana Union Desseldorf.

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Youth workshop incollaboration with Ghana council e.V. & BUNTU e.V.

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Ghana community youth conference (GCC) in October 2016.

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