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1 Name, Seat, Financial Year

1. The union shall be called „Ghana Union Düsseldorf e.V., and shall be registered in the Unions Register.
2. The seat of the Union shall be in Düsseldorf
3. The financial year shall be the calendar year. The first year shall run from the date of registration until end on the 31.12. of that year.

Aims and objectives

1. The founders of the union, has set their aims and objectives as follows;
A) To promote the Ghanaian culture in Germany.
B) To help improve and maintain cordial relations, between Ghanaians and Germans.
C) To inform/educate Ghanaian residents in Germany with respect to the social and political structure of the German community.
D) To inform it´s members about latest developments back home in Ghana.
E) To help its members in cases relating to their social lives in Germany, where necessary and possible.
F) To offer diverse entertainment, privileges and services to its members.
G) The union shall act in the context of the United Nations charter of Human rights and ensure its implementation.
H) The Union shall also cooperate with the Ghana Embassy in Berlin, as well as all Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian religions and societies who have interest in the unions activities and affairs.
2. The „Ghana Union Düsseldorf “shall first be an independent and non - profitmaking organization.
3. The Funds of the Union shall be used only for purposes within the aims and objectives of the Union. No member will receive any payments from the union’s coffers, except in cases where the executive decides in favour.
4. Neither shall anyone make any expenditure outside the framework of the unions targets nor profit directly from the union.
5. The Union shall be politically neutral.

Organs of the Union

The Organs of the Union shall be; A) The Executive Board
B) The House (members)
C) The committees

The Executive Board

1) The Executive Board shall comprise of;
• The President
• The Vice-President
• The Secretary
• The Vice-Secretary
• Financial Secretary
• The Treasurer
• The Organizing Secretary
The Vice Organizing Secretary
• The Patron and 3 other Advisors
2) The President shall preside over all meetings of the Union.
The Vice President shall take all the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence or on his/her request in critical situations.
3) Together with his/her Vice and the Secretary or his/her Vice, they shall be responsible for the Union in accordance with the § 261 BGB lawfully and unlawfully.
4) Decisions of the Executive board shall be passed with majority vote. The ruling of the President or in his/her absence his Vice at any meeting of the Union shall be final, when the house (general meetings) fails to decide on any matter with majority decision. The President or in his absence his Vice shall have a casting vote in the event of a time.
5) The executive board shall be responsible for;
• The administration of the assets of the Union,
• Preparation and organizing of the general meetings,
• Establishment of the annual accounts within three months after the End of each year,
• Admission and expulsion of members,
• The organization of other meetings, celebrations, get-together
• Publication and public services
6) The executive board shall meet at least once each month. A meeting may also be convened on the request of any executive board member in special cases demanded by the circumstance. Resolution shall be passed by simple majority if not otherwise provided for. The President or in his absence, his Vice shall have a casting vote in the event of time.
7) The Patron shall serve as a link between the board and the members of the Union. He/She shall act as an advisor to the Union and shall work together with the president in the running of the Union
8) The Patron and three (3) other male and female members of the Union and shall be called upon to advise the board.


1) The Union consists of ordinal members, extraordinary members and sponsors.
2) Ordinal members may be natural or legal persons, interested in the aims and objectives of the Union, irrespective of tribe, religion or nationality.
3) Extraordinary members may be business institutions, representatives of other Unions and associations, interested in the aims and objectives of the Union.
4) People who emerges to be helpers and supporters could be chosen by the house to be sponsoring members of the Union.

Beginn and termination of Membership

1) All applications for membership of the Union shall be directed to the board in writing. A simple majority of the board shall decide the approval of the application. The board is under no obligation to state it´s reasons for a rejection
2) All applicants shall be on the probation for a period of at least three months. Membership of any applicant shall be concealed until the executive board has made a full confirmation.
3) All recognized members shall possess an identity card.
4) The membership ends by death or dissolution of a legal person, giving a notice or expulsion. Notice must be given in writing to the board and it can only be effective if done at the end of the month. This shall be subject to the approval of the executive board.
5) A member may be expelled if he/she acts against the interest of the Union. An expulsion for other serious reasons remains notwithstanding.
a) First, a member who acts against the interest of the Union shall be referred to disciplinary committee for meeting to resolve the issue or misbehaviour
b) If the disciplinary committee fails to come to a compromise with defaulter or he or she fails to apologize for his or her behaviour, then Executive Board shall initiate the expulsion process.
c) An expulsion requires a unanimous decision by the Executive Board and must be communicated to the member expelled by a registered letter or personal.

Obligation of members

1) All members have the right to present motions to the executive board for discussion. Members are obliged to attend all functions of the Union.
2) Only ordinary members can vote at the members meetings.
3) Extraordinary members and sponsors shall only vote, when they have been given this power through a decision by the members at the meeting.
4) The sponsoring members have only replacement for the actual proved costs.

Members fees

1) The amount of 20, - € shall be demanded by the Union as an admission fee with a dues card.
2) The yearly membership dues shall be fixed at 60, - € (5,-€ monthly) and shall be paid through the treasurer into the Union`s accounts. Members accepted in the course of the year shall pay the full annual membership dues.
3) Supporting members can freely donate any amount they wish to the Union.
4) Sponsoring members are exempted from the paying of dues.
5) Any member who may have withdrawn his membership by way of absenting him or herself from the Union and not paying his or her monthly dues and reconsiders to become a member again:
a) shall be required to pay an amount of 20€ admission fee as new entrant
b) shall be required to pay in addition the defaulted membership monthly fee which summing up to maximum of 12months that was defaulted before he or she quit the Union.

Period of office

1) A person elected as President shall hold office for a term of 2 years, beginning from the date on which he is elected and sworn in as President. A elected President shall not be elected to hold office as President of Ghana Union Düsseldorf e.V for more than two terms; meaning an elected President shall be allowed to be elected only on 2 consecutive times, to a total of 4 years.
2) Elected members of the executive board shall stay in office for a period of two years and are eligible for re-appointment.
3) Each contestant´s name must be proposed, seconded and accepted by the house
4) A nominee or appointee must be willing to stand for the election or take an appointment.
5) A simple majority shall be required to decide the winner of the elections

Other matters

1) In case of the resolution of the Union, the assets of the Union shall be divided as follows;
A) 75% to SOS children in villages of Ghana
B) 25% to Ghanaian Catholic Church, Becherstr. 25A,40477 Düsseldorf In addition, must be used only on non-profitable basis for the purposes of religion or welfare.
2) The Union shall not be held responsible for any damages, accidents, thefts and likewise, against members or guests during the functions of the Union, as far as it is contrary to the laws.


This constitution was discussed and accepted by the entire membership of the Ghana Union Düsseldorf, Germany: