Report of Ghana Independence day celebration on 15/07/14

Ghana Embassy from Berlin arrived in Dusseldorf train station on Friday afternoon before 5pm. Executives of Ghana Union Dusseldorf received him, we took him to a short city tour before leading him to the Hotel.

Actually due to time factor, we could not start the program as we planned on Saturday; we were almost about an hour late. Both members of Ghana Council, Ghana Union Dusseldorf and Ghana Union Bonn and few individuals started the meeting with the Ghana Embassy. About eighty people were present to the anniversary.

It was about two hours meeting before the program started. Ourpeople are always late in such activities so we started the program with poor attendance. Middle part of the program the attendance was encouraged about eighty people attended.

The Ambassador was first time in Dusseldorf, he expressed his views and advised the people in Dusseldorf community in divisive ways, headvised the people to contribute in German culture as well and be more serious on their work and ignore any illegal activities.

Local groups was also invited as well as Churches. Some of the people were also standing outside the hall and having their private discussions and for that purpose is hardly to get the exact number of people attended the program.

Youth group was also invited as side attraction to sing and dance in our traditional way. It was interesting and its hope that this youth will carry on in the near future.

The moderator made a very good comment about why so many Ghanaians in Dusseldorf but we cannot progress in this community, we need to work had to organize ourselves in this community. We are celebrating our independence day but the hall is half-empty whereby the Ghana embassy is in our midst.

There is a need to form one strong Association to fight for our rights.

We brought the Anniversary to the end around 3am; the hall was clean and rearranged before weleft to our various houses.